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L-Thai Clay Tile is our pride to producing tiles from local raw materials gone through production process from knowledge that occurred from our experience and development.

Lampang-Thai Ceramics Tile Co., Ltd. has been developing and producing clay tiles for 35 years with the concept in the work operation as follows; Differentiation, Leader, and Identity with the production that is the mixture between nature and arts until it become the process with the individuality as follows.

Body Preparation: It is produced from a specially selected material when it is mixed to be a clay formula that we can feel the attractiveness of the clay and mineral.

Pressing: For pressing process, we use our self-invented press in order to suit for our production process.

Glaze: We invent our own glaze recipes that create shiny finish and non-porous.

Hand Dipping: With using this process, it causes the texture and the variation of color.

Hand Painted: It causes the natural mood of individual finish.

Thumb/Pinch Shape: It causes the primitive intended form.

Firing at High Temperature: It is fired at high temperature of 1250 OC - 1300 OC and this creates a different tone. The surface of the tile is shiny and beautiful and it is hard and endures scratching. It has become “Clay Tile that is not a copy of nature but it is a real natural material” that gives the attractiveness of the clay and mineral.

The said raw material and production process makes the L-Thai Clay Tile to be selected from the committee of Library Material ConneXion* to be an innovative products so it is shown at the comprehensive innovative material libraries located on three continents-New York, Cologne, Milan and Bangkok and it is deemed that L-Thai Clay Tile is the first and only in the products group of Clay Tile that has been selected by Material ConneXion Library.


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