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There's notthing to eqaul Lampang -Thai Handmade Clay Tiles Fired at 1250 to 1300 temperature for floors and walls. These products, available in a tremendous variety of colors, shapes and patterns, meet the stiffest standards for top quality in decorative components for the modern home, fove star hotels, and luxury resorts. This wide range of products is also used to fill most design needs, and can be used in both commercial and residential environments. Styles are mostly classic, patterns unobtrusive; yet here and there with and innovative touch to set therm apart from all others. to make them even more exclusive, the company is also made to order.


Nature Touch L-Thai Handmade Clay Tiles Creat a worm and intmate atmosphere in any space. L-Thai take the time and cares to produce remarkable handmade clay tiles from natural clay whish is friendly to the enveronment.


Durability L-Thai also ensures high quality products. Our tiles are durable and impervious to scratcing and banging.


Easy Cleaning Glaze gives L-Thai Clay Tiles their charecterostics shiny finish, and also make them non-porous and hygienic and is very easy to clan.


Enlasting Sine our clay tiles pieces are handmade, hand painted and hand glazed, there are minor differences in there colors, variations in there size and texture. Therefore, there are no two pieces exactly alike. The result of this lonf and laborious process is tile of unique beauty.

Elegant Individuality L-THai Handmade Clay Tiles are understandably not made in huge numbers. They tend to have greater variation in color and size ut this individuality is part of there appeal. Our customers can order according to their desirable needs.

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